Tips for making a good CV


When preparing the curriculum, the first thing to assess is the following:

- What is the professional objective (what work will be sought).
- What job do you want to opt for (type of company, job category, functions).


Once these aspects have been assessed, it will be decided what information should be included, since it must be taken into account that the curriculum is not a list of working life, but rather is the document where the relevant information about the person of the most visual and competitive way possible to stand out among all the candidates that there are for the same vacancy. Not everything that has been done will be interesting for the staff recruiter.


Aspects to consider in order to prepare a current and effective curriculum:



Avoid following preset models, should be made customized.

Think about the structure, which is understandable, attractive, easy to read and appropriate to the work sought.

To highlight important things, the use of bold, colors, fonts, font sizes and page layout goes well.



It is not mandatory to add a photograph, or title the document.

If you decide to put a photograph, it is advisable to make it DNI size and with good resolution, color and with a neutral background.

It is important to smile, but without exaggeration.

It is not advisable to put "Selfies", photographs in playful environments or cropped photos, among others.

The image must be professional and according to the job that interests.

In the professional experience section it is important to briefly detail the tasks developed and the skills acquired.

Adapt the curriculum in the job you are looking for, highlighting the points in common between past experience and the new possible job.

Include professional skills, contextualizing them in relation to the work and courses that have been done.

Language and computer skills will be clearly specified, whether or not you have accreditation, and it is recommended to indicate graphically, fleeing from vague descriptions.

It must be a current photograph, easy to recognize, and where other people do not leave.

If the curriculum must be sent to other EU countries or in the United States, it is not accepted that they carry a photograph.




It is recommended not to include the DNI / NIE number or address of the address for reasons of confidentiality and security.

Yes you have to put the population of residence.

It is necessary to state an email address that is usually consulted and a contact telephone number enabled for the country where work is sought.

If you are looking for work as studied, it is not necessary to specify previous studies to university students.

If complementary training is included, just put the one that is relevant for the job, indicating the name of the course, the center of studies, the number of hours completed and the year of completion.